Wing Seamless Gutters


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Supreme Hidden Hangers

    Aside from the gutters themselves, the style  gutter fasteners that your installer uses will go a long way in determining the longevity of your gutter system. These pictured,  two of the three styles we use,   are designed very well, they grab the front of the gutter (bead) without puncturing it. This allows the hanger to slide slightly inside the  gutter. Temperature changes cause natural expansion and contraction of all metals .  These hangers help reduce the chance of gutters that buckle when  installed during  cold weather.


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Standard Hidden Hanger with 1 1/2" screw\



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                                         Outlet Stamp                                                     2 3/4" Outlet

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                                    A & B style elbows                                               End caps                                                   


These items are standard. The wall thickness' on the end caps and elbows is typically .019 , and the gutter coil is .027 thick.

  Heavier thickness' of these items are available, however for residential purposes the standard specifications quite adequate.


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                                                                                                   Box miters


You won't find any cheap strip miters on any job I ever do. Box miters look better, seal better, and last longer than strip miters.

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Close up of WSG. standard downspout strap.   Straps should be strong, clean looking and blend in without calling attention to themselves.

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